The following are all the cards I have available for sale. (Updated 3/11/2014)


$2.75 for for 1-20 cards (shipped via Bubble Mailer)
add .25 for every 10 cards after that. 
(shipped via Bubble Mailer)
If we exceed 13oz will just figure out exact shipping costs. 

The following is
a database with all my non base that I have available. If there is anything you are interested in let me know. You can email me at 2000Doubles@gmail.com or find me at various baseball card trading forums: TheBenchTrading.com (250+), BlowoutCards.com/forums (150+), SportsCardForum (100+). Also on Ebay (150+).

While using the search function please note the Legend below. While searching for sub sets such as Topps Chrome Black Refractors, Topps Chrome will be listed under set and Black Refractors under description. Thus, if you wanted to see just refractors just search for it under Description. Also, remember if you want all Bowman CHC (Cubs) to select All Fields so that only Bowman Cubs show, otherwise it will show all Bowman as well as all Cubs. 

Will continue to add more. But thanks for looking. Remember if your interested in anything just let me know. You can email me or find me on various trading forums, The Bench, Sports Card Forum and Blowout Cards Forum.

Thank you for looking.