Here you will find my cards that I have for sale. I will do my best to keep these lists all up to date. If there is anything you see feel free to let me know. You can find me across various online trading boards.(Username: 2000Doubles)


In addition you can send me an email in regards to any cards you may be interested in. Email address:

My preferred method of sales is through Paypal. All cards sent out are properly packaged and sent via bubble mailer with Delivery Confirmation.  Currently have a 100% rating across TheBench(200+), SportsCardForum(80+), Blowout(100+), and Ebay(175+).


Currently you will find a page that consist of my Game Used and Autograph cards. Then you will find non-base, non-GU/AU inserts listed. I have loaded all the cards onto an accessible database that can be used to find Players, teams or brand of cards you may be looking for. I will also post newer cards as received on separate pages.


Here are my shipping rates:

$2.75 for 1-20 cards

add .50 for every 10 cards after that.

If we exceed 13oz, will just figure out exact shipping costs.